Amish folded star hotpads - Crafts Amish folded star hotpads
Video: Made using folded fabric sguares
paper towel flower ornament - Crafts paper towel flower ornament
Video: handmade flower ornament
Simple Towel Topper - Crafts Simple Towel Topper
Inexpensive Gift
lollipop ornament - Crafts lollipop ornament
Video: lollipop ornament
Steaming and Bending wood - Crafts Steaming and Bending wood
Just a quick overview of steaming and bending wood for a home project
2 color cast on - Crafts 2 color cast on
Video: Long tail cast on alternating two colors
Circle Cutter - Crafts Circle Cutter
Video: Using the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter.
Net-Made Laces  - Crafts Random Selection
Net-Made Laces
Lacis or net lace is an ancient craft. Here are some background and resources.

New warp for baby - Crafts
New warp for baby
Paddle-woven tape - Crafts
Paddle-woven tape
Cat banner - Crafts
Cat banner
Mystery Quilt top - Crafts
Mystery Quilt top


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