Welcome to The Crafts Forum, the online community where we all share our ideas, tips and techniques with other crafters!

We hope you'll make yourself at home, and feel free to leave us comments (pro or con) or questions.

We have very few rules here.  We ask that you avoid the use of "handles".  It promotes the sense of community we want to foster here to use real or real-sounding  first and last names.  Other than that our only important rule is the golden rule. 

We have message sections set up for most types of crafts, and we will be happy to hear from you if you would like to see another one.  Here is the list we have so far, and the staffers responsible for each one:

Intro/New - a general section for new members to get acquainted.  Nan Mosiman.

Crochet/Knit/MK - for Crocheters and both hand and machine Knitters to share their ideas and pictures of their work.  Christina Norton.

Stitchery/Lace - a section for those who enjoy all types of embroidery including cross-stitch (CCS), needlepoint, hardanger, etc, as well as lacemakers, including tatters, bobbin lace, and more. Karen Willett and Dorothy Gibbs.

Sewing/Quilting - This section or the one above might attract Machine Embroiderers - we'll leave that up to membership!  All those who enjoy sewing, making dolls or bears or clothing, and making quilts, are welcome here. Kathy Walker and Lynn Blake.

Spin/Weave/Dye - Here the spinners and weavers as well as those who like to dye their fiber will meet and share their expertise as well as show off their beautiful work.  Ruth MacGregor.

Basketry/Braids - a section for basket-makers and those who enjoy making braids and bands in various fashions.  We look forward to seeing your stuff!  Ruth MacGregor.

Focus/Seasonal - Here is where we can share ideas for the seasonal holiday crafts, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.  Come share in our annual Holiday Ornament Swap and talk about your ornaments here!  We also run a Bookmarks for Literacy Swap project each spring, and various other focuses in between. If you have an idea for a focus, please let us know.  Christina Norton.

Critter Crafts - This section  is for exchanging "tails" about our pets and their involvement in our crafts.  Kathy Morgret.

Kitchen Crafts - This section is for exchanging recipes used by and for crafters in a variety of ways.  Some will just be recipe chat, others will be special recipes to make for loved ones, etc.  The kitchen is where we all like to gather. Carole Cutshall.

Other Crafts - A section for all other crafters who don't have a section of their own to share ideas and pictures, etc.  If any particular craft needs its own section, we'll look at opening a new one! Micki McCrillis.

Coffee Klatch- a general section for conversations not about crafting - a place where members with varied interests can congregate and share stories.  Micki McCrillis.

Beading - Here we'll exchange information about all sorts of bead crafts!  Whether you do your beading on a loom, or in embroidery, knitting, crochet, tatting, macrame, or string beads for jewelry, etc., this is the place to learn and share!   Kathy Morgret.

Glass/Ceramics - a home for those who enjoy stained glass and hot glass arts, as well as potters and other ceramicists.  Micki McCrillis.

Woodworking - Whether you are a woodcarver, woodturner, cabinet-maker, luthier - however you may enjoy working with wood, this is your section!  Micki McCrillis.

Market Place - This section will combine both Classified Ads from members and discussions involving how to get started in the business of crafts.  Micki McCrillis.

Forum Help - Look here for extra help in using the forum.  Many of your questions will be answered by messages already in this section.  Remember that you can search on all message text on the board to find your answers!  And don't forget to click on HELP at the top of your screen for assistance in using the forum as well.  Steve Atkinson and Kathy Morgret.

So come on in and sit a spell.  We'll share some coffee or tea and stories and show off our work.  We have a common bond with crafters everywhere - and we just know you'll love it here!

Kathy Morgret
Forum Manager

and our wonderful staff of volunteers