About ForumsAmerica.com

You've found it! ForumsAmerica.com is YOUR solution for managing web content and providing great community on your web site. We are the Content and Community Specialists.

Saying we are content and community specialists is not just an idle boast. We have the experience and background to back it up.

Joe Reynolds, founder of ForumsAmerica.com, is one of the few pioneers of community building with over 14 years experience building vibrant communities with extensive content on The Microsoft Network, AOL/CompuServe, and the Outdoors Network. Joe also wrote the software that powers ForumsAmerica.com, designing it to meet the technical needs for building and maintaining "sticky" communities and sites. Reynolds understands what makes successful web sites tick.

The ForumsAmerica program is a highly scalable n-tier web application consisting of Active Server Pages, Visual Basic DLLs, and Microsoft SQL Server. The software can handle everything from the smallest sites to the Enterprise operation. Our data center in Baltimore, MD is connected to the Internet via multiple high speed DS-3 circuits over Verizon's OC-48 Sonet ring; the data center offers a high performance reliable place to host your site and/or message board. UPS power and backup generator power, climate control, security systems and complete network monitoring round out the data center offerings.

Let us help you develop the content and/or community on your site.

Address email inquiries to ForumsAmerica.com , or post a message in our Support Forum.