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More wind &solar = High Elec. cost

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Description: Countries with the highest household electric bills are Denmark-(DNK), Germany-(DEU) & Great Britain-(GBR) with electric costs between $0.48 /kwh and $0.54 /kwh. Quite a difference compared to our Maryland rates of $0.16 /kwh.  In those high cost nations wind & solar are generating from 10% to 24% of supply.  Yet those renewables here are generating only about 3% of our power needs.

Also there's high electric bills showing up for countries like Italy (ITL), Belgium (BEL) Spain (ESP), etc. with about 7% to 15% renewables  

This recent chart from Feb 2023 affirms the same cost patterns of an earlier 2018 analysis -- Renewable energy is pushing electric rates very high, even doubling and tripling them.    Source: WUWT, Dr. Mike Jonas     Click Here  

The chart, and its earlier companion, both debunk the frequent claims by warming activists that wind & solar are lowering household electric bills.  They are not.  Those false claims come using incomplete data, by ignoring total household bills, and looking only at a fraction of wind or solar costs.  

Uploaded: 10/20/2023 by Tom Hemmick
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