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Political irony in the 1860's

Photo From: Tom Hemmick - Album: No Album

Description: Ironic political alignments, after the civil war era, in the 1860's

Uploaded: 9/15/2020 by Tom Hemmick
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(1/5/2021) Jim Matthews wrote: I just noticed this photo. Any idea who the last Democratic Presidential candidate the KKK supported? I don't remember KKK supporting any democrat in my lifetime. They certainly supported Trump in 2016 and are part of his core supporters.
(1/6/2021) Tom Hemmick wrote: Seems most folks can recall the Democrat KKK Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd who was in congress for a number of years. One of Byrd's votes was to filibuster, opposing the 1964 Civil Rights Act, along with such well known Democrats as William Fulbright and Al Gore Sr.
(11/3/2021) Jim Matthews wrote: You are speaking of the Dixicrats. Those that stayed in politics eventually
converted to the Republican Party.